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VIPER FORCE SDN BHD incorporated on 21 April 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a private company limited by shares owned by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Musa Bin Tan Sri Haji Hassan, the former 8th Inspector General of Police. The company’s nature of business is to render private security, investigation services and trading related security products. The provision of private security and investigation by the company was licensed and approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs in accordance Private Agency Act 1971.


Envision to be the premier niche security services provider able to cater and revolutionize the current general perspective towards the private security services industry as a discipline, respected, noble and trustworthy occupation having equivalent importance as the government security agencies.


Providing a high level of confidence, dynamic, professionalism and discipline service to clients in order to ensure that the trust is well shielded and protected


In order to achieve to be the premier niche security provider and able to excelled among all of the security service provider in Malaysia, Viper Force Sdn Bhd has a big drawn out at hand to satisfy the following objectives:

1. Revolutionize the general public perspective towards the private security services occupation.
2. Continuous education in security management to educate the importance of security.
3. All personnel to gain a high level of professionalism and discipline standard that enable them to perform their duties without compromising security of others.
4. The reengineering of proper procedures to ensure the quality in providing the best security services solution to the clients.


Viper Force Sdn Bhd is committed to ensure that the management and all personnel’s shall strictly emphasize and adhere to the systematic and organized implementation, monitoring standards. The company is also committed to ensure the continuous enhancement and upgrading of its security services thru the implementation of risk management analysis.

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